About us

Sweet Spirit Foods, a Made In Oklahoma Company, was established in July of 2002 under the vision and leadership of Dr. Jayel Jacobs Jr., Pastor of the Christian Life Missionary Baptist Church and the administrative direction of the late Mrs. Joyce Jacobs and Janee.

Sweet Spirit began with a Snowie building at 4621 NE 23rd Street. Later, mobile food trucks were added which made food deliveries all over the metropolitan area of Oklahoma City.

Our first restaurant was opened in Langston, Oklahoma. The Sweet Spirit Foods family soon multiplied and at one time we had two mobile food trucks, four snowie buildings, one restaurant, a convenience store and a car wash. Our establishments were unique in the fact that they were run by volunteer members of Christian Life Missionary Baptist Church.

Sweet Spirit manufactures three barbecue sauces; a new rub along with other unique products have been added and all of our products are guaranteed to please.  We have acquired loyal customers through craft shows in Stillwater, Lawton, Ardmore, Gainesville, TX., the Oklahoma State Fair and the Tulsa Fair, just to name a few.

We are truly grateful to the following stores: WalMart, Sam's Clubs, Ace Westlake Hardware Stores, Mardels, Tractor Supply and Atwoods. Some of these stores have been faithful in allowing us to hold fund raisers in front of their establishments and we have been blessed by them giving back to the community.

We're on the shelves of grocery stores, convenience stores, specialty shops, various restaurants and in the homes of thousands of Sweet Spirit customers throughout the United States and the world.

We invite you to experience all of it.